Wine Quiz #11 – Solutions

Wine Quiz Solutions

Before I forget to post them, here are the solutions to this week’s wine quiz. If you want to reread the quiz then follow this link.

In question 1 I gave you 4 wineries and you had to identify which one did not fit and explain why. The correct answer is C – Donnafugata. Donnafugata is the only winery in that list which does not come from Apulia. In fact, the winery is from Sicily.

In the next question I was looking for the animal that represents Chianti Classico. The correct answer is A – Rooster.
The legend tells that during the Middle Ages the Republic of Florence and the Republic of Siena had a feud over the Chianti area. They fought many battles which all ended in a tie. So the two republics agreed to let two of their soldiers compete against each other in a race. At dawn the two soldiers would leave their respective city and that their meeting point would represent the new border. Since the soldiers had to leave at the singing of a rooster, the Florentines had a sophisticated plan: They picked a black rooster which they did not feed for a couple of days. At the morning of the race, the black rooster was so hungry that it cried earlier than usual, giving the Florentines a large lead. The Florentine soldier met his competitor only a few kilometers away from Siena. Through this plan the Florentines managed to seize the Chianti area. In the beginning of the 20th century the Chianti league naturally picked the Black Rooster as their symbol.

Let’s move on to question 3. I wanted to know what a Fiasco is. Now the word fiasco has more than one meaning in Italian but I was looking for the wine-related one. A fiasco is a bottle with a flat surface. A fiasco is usually covered in a straw basket. It’s said that the bottle is of low quality and in recent years the use of the fiasco became less common.  The fiasco bottle is often associated with Chianti.

In question 4 you had to identify which of the statements was correct. Correct answer is C – Vernaccia di San Gimignano was the very first Italian DOC. It became the first DOC at March 3rd 1966

The last question seemed to have been a bit tricky. You had to find out which Italian appellation translates to “Short France”. The correct answer is Franciacorta DOCG. Francia is Italian for France. Corto/Corta is the word for short.

Now the question remains did Anatoli from Talk A Vino continue his winning streak or did it come to an abrupt end?

*drum roll*
The winners of this weeks quiz are: The Drunken Cyclist, Talk A Vino, WineTalks and Drinkforlife. Four winners! Congratulations to all of you! Enjoy your bragging rights!

Maybe next week we need a more difficult quiz? Let me know if this quiz was too easy.

In case you missed the article about VinItaly – the worlds largest wine fair then you can find it here. Might be worth your time if you intend to go there. I certainly will.

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    • vino in love Reply

      Makes sense, Jeff!
      I will try to keep the current level then. If it’s too difficult we might have no winners at all which would be quite a disappointment.

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