Wine Quiz # 12 – Solutions

Time for the solutions to this week’s wine quiz. If you want to reread then follow this link. First of all, I want to thank everone for playing. This week there were quite a lot of people participating. I have to say though that the last two questions were not ideal. It turned out that there are multiple sources claiming different things but more on that later.

In question 1, you had to identify which of the statements was true. The correct answer is B – The Metodo Martinotti was invented by an oenologist from Asti. Talk-A-Vino pointed out correctly that I mentioned this in my article about Italian sparkling wines, which you can find here. A few answered C – Gavi is a grape varietal. This is wrong, because Gavi is a wine (in this case: wine ≠ grape) from Piedmont that is produced with Cortese grapes. That is why Gavi is sometimes known as Cortese di Gavi. The wine is named after the comune where it is produced in.

In question 2, I asked you to briefly describe what an Amarone is. Amarone della Valpolicella is a red wine from the Veneto, Italy. Produced with Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara grapes (sometimes a few others as well). Amarone grapes dry on straw mats for around 40 days where they lose up to 60% of their weight.The wine usually ages five years before being released on the market. Cheaper Amarone often only age only one or two year which results in questionable quality. Amarone tends to have a rather high sugar level and at least 14% ABV. Amarone is considered to be one of Italy’s best wines.

In question 3, you had to identify which of the possible answers was related to the ancient Passum wine. The correct answer is C – Passito di Pantelleria. The Italian word Passito not only echoes from passum, it also comes closest to the ancient sweet wine.

I underestimated the large variety of possible answers for question 4 and 5. Therefore they are excluded from the quiz. That said if you do not care about question 4 and 5 you can skip the next few paragraphs.

The Drunken Cyclist pointed out that a possible answer for question 4 could be tradition. Others said that red wine gets bitter when it is chilled and when served too warm alcohol starts dominating the red wine.
I was looking for chemistry as the correct answer. White and red wines are built completely differently which causes them to only taste “good” at certain temperatures. But of course there are exceptions to the rule. Wine produced with Vernatch, a red grape from South Tyrol, gets usually served at 11°C-12°C:
Question 5 focused on the most planted grape in the world. I did not clearify that I was looking for the most planted wine grapes which, according to Jancis Robinson from the The Oxford Companion to Wine, are Arien from Spain and Trebbiano from Italy. Thomspon Seedless is probably the most planted overall grape. Some of you wrote that there are sources claiming that Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are the two most planted ones. I learned from this quiz that there is probably not one single correct answer since not every country provides statistics every single year.

This week’s winners are: The Drunken Cyclist, Drinkforlife and Talk-A-Vino. Congratulations! Enjoy your bragging rights.


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  1. drinkforlife Reply

    Glad to see that you didn’t take questions 4 and 5 into consideration. Hard to judge who is right if there aint a single right answer.

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