Wine Quiz #13

Wine Quiz #13

Are you ready? I hope you are! It is quiz time! As usual there are five questions waiting to get solved. To answer them simply use the comment section below the quiz. The answers are coming on Thursday. If you want to redo any of the previous quizzes then you can do so here. Remember, you have nothing to lose.

Question 1)
Pinotage is a cross between:
A) Syrah and Pinot Gris
B) Pinot Noir and Cinsault.
C) Pinot Noir and Cabernet.
D) Cinsault and Cabernet.

Question 2)
bacchusName any grape whose name (partly) derives from Roman mythology.

Question 3)
Italian wine labels may include the term “Superiore”. Two examples are Valpolicella Superiore and Bardolino Superiore. In general, what is the difference between the standard version of a wine and a wine, that on its label, includes the term Superiore.

Question 4)
French oak comes from France. Slavonian oak comes from
A) Slovenia
B) Hungary
C) Slovakia
D) Croatia

Question 5)
The Gambero Rosso 3 Bicchieri world tour 2012/13 does not take place in
A) Chicago
B) Shanghai
C) Toronto
D) Berlin
Bonus question: Which city is visited twice by the Gambero Rosso world tour 2012/13?

Bragging rights are up for grabs!
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18 comments on “Wine Quiz #13”

  1. hannah-theis hannah-theis Reply

    1. B Pinot Noir and Cinsault
    2. Barbera derives from the Bacchus. Bacchus was the god of wine.
    3. Superiore means the wine is stronger.
    4. A Slovenia
    5. D Berlin

    That was a fun quiz : -)

  2. winetalks winetalks Reply

    1) B
    2) This is a though one. Maybe Zibbibio is related to Zeus?
    3) The term superiore indicates a higher alcohol level.
    4) Not sure here. Going with D.
    5) D
    Bonus question: Montreal in Canada.

  3. wineking3 wineking3 Reply

    1. I always thought Pinotage was a cross between Pinot Noir and Hermitage but then I just red that Cinsault is just another name for Hermitage. So the answer is B.
    2. The picture shows Bacchus, the god of wine. Is that a hint? If so I go with Barbera, too.
    3. Superiore indicates that a wine has a higher alcohol by volume than the maximum allowed ABV for that specific wine.
    4. A – Slovenia.
    5. D Berlin. The answer to the bonus question is Montreal.

    • vino in love Reply

      Thanks for playing.
      Please don’t interpret the picture as a hint. It shows the wine god Bacchus but it is not a hint of any kind (at least not that I know of)

  4. the drunken cyclist Reply

    1. B.
    2. I will go with the Concord grape (from Concordia).
    3. “Superiore” on a bottle of wine does not mean “superior” quality, per se, but rather indicates a superior attribute: longer aging, higher alcohol or lower yields
    4. D. Croatia
    5. D. Berlin (visits Montreal twice).

  5. Sean P. Reply

    1. B
    2. Sangiovese (latin sanguis Jovis. In English Jovis is known as Jove)
    3. The term indicates a highter than usual ABV.
    4. D
    5. D
    Montreal is visited twicw.

    Looking forward to the answers but I’m 99,9% sure that I nailed it 😛

  6. TracyLeeKarner Reply

    1. B.
    2. Aglianico
    3. “Superiore”– longer aging or higher alcohol
    4. D. Croatia
    5. D. Berlin
    Bonus: Montreal

    I’m competitive and can’t resist a quiz.

  7. drinkforlife Reply

    1. B
    2. Sangiovese (Sangiovese translates to the blood of Jove)
    3. Superiore means the wine aged 24 months longer than a non-superiore wine.
    4. A – Slovenia
    5. D – Berlin (Montreal is visited twice)

  8. talkavino Reply

    Thanks for the shout out, Julian!
    I’m honestly too tired to look for the answers right now – myself and Stefano spent a whole day at VinItaly and Slow Wine today – there were lots of great wines, including Trabucchi! Well, of course you got VinItaly in Verona to look forward to : )

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