New Rating System, Guest Blogging and Wine Quiz #14

New rating system

Welcome to this week’s wine quiz here at Vino in Love. As usual there will be five questions of all difficulties. Simply use the comment section below to answer them.

But before we start with the quiz I want to inform you that we now use a rating system for wines that we review (from time time old tasting will get updated with a rating). Wines are rated on a scale from 1 to 5 where 5 stars correspond to the very best rating that a wine can achieve. The plugin that I now use is very useful because on Google search results the rating and the price will now be shown. Example: 
Google preview Dandarin.jgpIt will probably take a few weeks though til it will show up properly on Google. That’s because Google will have to recrawl all pages and update them in its search results and sometimes that takes time. The rating will also appear at the bottom of every wine review. Wines rated with less than 2.5 stars are not recommended. Should you have questions and suggestions regarding the rating then you can post them in the comment.

Wine Quiz #14

Let’s move on to this week’s wine quiz.

Question 1)
True or false: Bordeaux has no single vineyard appellations.

Question 2)
VinItaly – the world’s largest wine fair is held in
A) Florence
B) Verona
C) Rome
D) Milan

Question 3)
What is special about the appellation Sassicaia? (remember, this was mentioned recently in one of my articles).

Question 4)
Which of the following statements is true?
A) Vinho Verde is a Portuguese grape varietal
B) Pignoletto is a vino spumante wine
C) Tignanello is the name of the very first Super Tuscan
D) All of the above.

Question 5)
Briefly explain what a second label is.

Bonus Question: Name your favorite wine that has been awarded a “3 bicchieri” award by the 2013 Gambero Rosso wine guide. Explain why you picked it. There is no right or wrong here. I simply want to see which of them your favorite is.

The grand prize: Bragging rights for one week. You have to solve 5 questions correctly to win them. The answers are coming on Thursday. If you want to redo any of the previous quizzes then follow this link.

Happy quizzing and remember you have nothing to lose!

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I am looking for your feedback on this idea: guest blogging

Recently I thought about the idea of featuring a guest post every week/month. What do you think about this idea? Would you be interested in writing a guest post for Vino in Love? You have probably seen this feature from other blogs. If not here is how this would work:

  • You, the guest author, will write an article with unique content (no republishing) which I will not edit without your permission.
  • The content will be attributed to your name and you may link to your blog.
  • Benefits for you: Reach out to a large, new audience. Benefits for me:  Free, relevant and unique content.
  • It is up to me to decide whether or not I will publish the article.
  • The article should somehow relate to wine and be around 500 to 800 words long.

Click this link for contact information.

Use the comment section below to let me know what you think about this. Your feedback is very important to me!

14 comments on “New Rating System, Guest Blogging and Wine Quiz #14”

  1. winetalks winetalks Reply

    So much information in one post! Ok here are my two cents:

    The new rating system looks good. Sometimes I had trouble understanding how much you really recommend a wine. Now it is much easier to understand.

    Featuring a guest blogger every now and then is a great idea. Do you have an example post of how the guest blog should look like?

    My answers for the quiz are:
    1. True
    2. C – Rome
    3. It’s an expensive Super Tuscan
    4. C – Tignanello is the name of the first super tuscan
    5. The term originated in France and refers to a winery’s less known wines.

    • vino in love Reply

      Hey Frank
      Thanks for your feedback!

      I don’t have a sample post yet since this is a new idea. Since I’m not sure if this will be a success or not I decided to get my readers’ opinion first 🙂

      The whole purpose of the new rating system is exactly that. Sometimes a rating says more than recommended”. I’m happy that you like it!

      Thanks for participating in this week’s quiz. Answers are coming on Thursday.

  2. Sean P. Reply

    1. False
    2. B
    3. It’s a red wine from Tenuta San Guido.
    4. D
    5. Refers to less known wines, especially used in the California and in Bordeaux.

  3. wineking3 wineking3 Reply

    1. True
    2. B
    3. Sassicaia is the only single-vineyard appellation in Italy!
    4. C
    5. Second label is a term for a cheaper, less-known wine.
    Bonus question: 2010 Capichera – Capichera. Really good white wine from Sardinia. Intense aromas, long finish. Simply good!

    The new rating system looks good 🙂

    Having a guest blogger every once in a while is a great idea if you find people who will write a guest post. Will be interesting to see what others will write about.

    • vino in love Reply

      Thank you for the feedback, wineking3. Time will show if people want to guest blog here or not. It could be a huge success or a big flop so I’ll wait and see.

      Answers for the quiz coming this Thursday. Looks quite good!

  4. the drunken cyclist Reply

    1. True, but Chateau le Puy has applied for one, so that might change.
    2. C. Verona
    3. Sassicaia is the only Italian wine from a single vineyard to enjoy the privilege of being its own DOC (from your post).
    4. C.
    5. A second label is usually made from the fruit of vines that are still too young to be included in the main label. The winery can still use the fruit in a second label that will not diminish ‘the brand’ of the primary or ‘first label’ wine. Second labels are usually considerably less expensive than the first label.
    6. I do not know if I have ever had one, but since there is no ‘wrong’ answer, I will go with Barbaresco 2009 Gaja since I would certainly love to try it….

    • vino in love Reply

      Good answers, Jeff!
      I never had the 2009 Gaja – Barbaresco either but I heard that it’s quite good. Usually I drink Barolo or Ghemme when it comes to Nebbiolo.

  5. hannah-theis hannah-theis Reply

    How do you get Google to show your ratings? That’s fantastic!

    I think one or two guest authors per month would be very nice. If you’ll decide to do the guest blogging thing then I might email you : -)

    My answers for the quiz:
    1. True
    2. B – Verona
    3. Sassicaia is a the only Italian DOC from a single vineyard.
    4. C Tignanelo
    5. Second label refers to a wine label that is owned by a prestigious winery to produce more wines of lesser quality which are often more affordable.
    Bonus question: The 2009 Leone de Castris Salice Salentino DOC is the only one that I tried (at least I think so). It was alright but nothing special. Maybe I just had bad luck with the bottle

  6. theducksong Reply

    I dont think guest blogging will be very sucessfu. I don’t know how big your readership is but I think you need a few more before you can do that

    Answers for the quiz:
    1. False
    2. C – Rome
    3. Sassicaia is the only Italian single vineyard appellation
    4. C – Tignanello is the name of the first Super Tuscan
    5. Second label is a cheaper wine often of lower quality produced by a reputable winery. If the wine tastes bad the first labels reputation won’t get ruined.
    Bonus questinon: Valpolicella Superiore from Roccolo Grassi (2009). Full-bodied, long finish, very aromatic. Good wine

  7. talkavino Reply

    I like your new rating system – is this a special plugin? I wonder if I can do something similar on
    I so far rejected the idea of guest blogging for my blog ( got a few offers). Will see how it will work for you.

    Answers (I’m traveling and have very little time to research), so I will be quick:

    1. Not until now, but Chateau Le Puy applied to become one
    2. Verona
    3. Sassicaia is its own DOC
    4. Tignanello put Super-Tuscan on the wine map of the world, but () according to Wikipedia) Sassicaia was created before : )
    5. There are multiple meanings and reasons for second labels – technically it is second wine of any of the high end wine estate, which is often made with grapes of a lesser quality than needed for the estate’s primary wine, or sometimes it is just deliberately planted by the estate to be used for [usually cheaper] designated “second label” wine.

    • vino in love Reply

      Thank you for the feedback, Anatoli!
      For my ratings I use a plugin. As far as I know does not allow the usage of plugins which was one of the reasons why I switched to self-hosted.
      I had to do some testing to make sure it works with the newest version of wordpress – so far no problems.

      Right now I was already contacted two times for guest blogging. One article concerns 2nd label wines in California which would fit our current quiz. Answers are coming on Thursday. Enjoy your travels.

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