Wine Quiz #15 – Solutions

Wine Quiz #15 Solutions

Time for the solutions of this weeks wine quiz. I am very happy to see that the participation was again very high!

Like I assumed, question 1 turned out to be the most difficult. I was asking what a red prawn had to do with wine. Red prawn means Gambero Rosso if you translate it into Italian. The Gambero Rosso is Italy’s most reputable wine critic. The Gambero Rosso started as a restaurant critic and therefore they picked a red prawn as their symbol.Gambero Rosso logo with red prawn

In question 2 you had to identify the correct statement. The solution is A – Crozes-Hermitage is an AOC from the Rhone region.

Question 3 you had to name any wine that is produced with 100% Nebbiolo. Barbaresco, Ghemme and Barolo where the three wines you answered. Correct are Barbaresco and Barolo.

In question 4 I gave you the names of four famous Italian wineries and you had to identify which one did not fit to the list. The correct answer is B – Ferrari. Masi, Trabucchi d’Illasi and Allegrini are all known for their Amarone. Ferrari is not from the Veneto. They produce sparkling wine in Trento.

Question 5 was about Sammarinese wine and I asked which grape is the most important one for Sammarinese wine production. The correct answer is Sangiovese. Notable Sammarinese wines include Brugneto and Sangiovese di San Marino.

I am happy to announce that we have multiple winners for this week’s wine quiz. Anatoli from Talk-A-Vino, Frank from Winetalks, TheDuckSong and RiojaChianti. Congratulations! You won the bragging rights for this week. Furthermore, credits have to go to our “newcomer”Armchairsommelier who answered 4 out of 5 questions correctly!

It is such a bummer to see TheDrunkenCyclist’s winning streak come to an end after having solved the previous four quizzes in a row.

Hope you enjoyed the quiz!

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