Wine Quiz #16 – Solutions

Wine Quiz #16 – Solutions

Let’s get back to our current wine quiz.

The first question was about New Zealand’s Marlborough region. The correct answer is  B – Sauvignon Blanc. While the other grapes are also grown in Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc is the most important and best-known one.

In question 2 I was wanted to know what a Vino Lok is. The answer is actually quite simple. A Vino Lok is an alternative wine closure. Vino Loks from glass are considered to be of higher quality than the ones produced from plastic. Glass Vino Lok’s offer many benefits compared to real cork and are more environmental friendly than screw caps or plastic closures. Wines closed with a Vino Lok can age for years and glass is neutral in taste. In Europe, more and more wineries are starting to experiment with Vino Loks.

Question 3 focused on March 3rd 1966, an important date in Italian wine history. On March 3rd 1966, Vernaccia di San Gimignano was ratified as Italy’s very first DOC. A few of you answered that the Italian DOC system was implemented in 1966. I don’t count this answer as correct because the DOC system was introduced in 1963.

In question 4 you had to identify which of the statements was correct.The answer is C – Pantelleria is famous for its sweet wines. Pantelleria is a tiny Italian island in front of the Tunisian coast. The island’s wine production is dedicated to Passito di Pantelleria, a world famous and rather expensive sweet wine produced with Zibibbo grapes.

The last question was about European sparkling wines. Out of your given answers the following are correct: Cava, Champagne, Trento DOC, Cremant d’Alsace, Cremant de la Loire, Cremant de Luxembourg and Espumante. Moscato d’Asti, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene and Sekt are produced in most cases after the Metodo Martinotti/Charmat Method and not after the Metodo Classico. Premium Sekt is considered correct as it refers to Sekt produced after the Metodo Classico.

I want to thank everyone for participating. The winners of unlimited bragging rights for one weeks are: Drinkforlife and Hannah Theis. Congratulations! Many got 4/5 questions right which is not bad at all.

On Monday we will have a new quiz. Until then you can take a look at previous editions of our weekly wine quiz. If you missed yesterday’s guest posts about unique wine and cheese pairings to try then take a look at it. It is worth reading.


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    • vino in love Reply

      I’m not sure what you mean. The DOC system was invented and implemented in 1963. I know you wanted to get all 5 right and I like your competitiveness but I don’t think that March 3rd 1966 has something to do with the DOC system being implemented. Maybe I see something wrong? All I know is that Vernaccia di San Gimignano became Italy’s first DOC on that date.

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