Wine Quiz #18 – Solutions

Wine Quiz #18 – Solutions

It is Thursday again which means that it is time for the answers of our current weekly wine quiz. Once again, there was very high participation and I want to thank everybody for playing.

Question 1 was probably the easiest and almost everybody got it right. I wanted to know if the statement Tafel Wein is a German classification for high quality wine is true or false. The answers is false. Tafel Wein is table wine. Examples of German high quality wine include Prädikatswein and Qulitätswein.

In question 2 I asked you what fortified wine. Fortified wine is a type of wine blended with a spirit like Brandy or Cognac. The alcohol will destroy the yeasts and stop the fermentation process. Port wine (Portugal), Sherry (Spain) and Marsala (Italy) are well-known examples of fortified wine.

In question 3 you had to find out how many types of Recioto there are. Furthermore you had to give me their names. There are 3 types of Recioto – all are DOCG wines: Recioto della Valpollicela, Recioto di Soave, Recioto di Gambellara. Click one of the links to read more about the wine.

Antique Wine PressQuestion 4 was about a thing that the three Italian cities Soave, San Gimignano and Matelica have in common. The correct answer is that all three are major production centers for white wine. Each of these three cities has it’s own DOC/DOCG named after them (Soave DOCG, Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG, Verdicchio di Matelica DOC)

In the last question you had to explain what the French term pigeage refers to. Pigeage refers to the old grape stomp process. Traditionally pigeage is performed by stomping the grapes but there are also other (more modern) methods.

I am very pleased to announce that we have six winners this week. I cannot remember that we had that many winners in one question before. Congratulations to Talk-A-Vino, EatwithNamie, The Drunken Cyclist, Hannah Theis, Armchairsommelier and Wineking3. Enjoy your bragging rights! A shout out also goes to Wining Daily who played for the first time and solved 4.5 questions correctly.

Next Monday, we will have a new wine quiz. That is all for now. Have a great Thursday evening everyone

Photo Credits: Louisdelavilla with a CC 3.0 license.

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