Wine Quiz #21

Wine Quiz #21

Mondays is wine quiz time here at Vino in Love. Five new questions are waiting for you to get solved. Remember, you have nothing to lose!

Question 1
Match the following wines with their producers

Vina Ardanza Reserva Especial M. Chapoutier
Plateo Casa Ferreirinha
Les Greffieux Ermitage La Rioja Alta
Barca-Velha Agriverde

Question 2
Which country is said to be the world’s leading wine-importing country? It would be beneficial if you provide a source for your answer.

Wine Quiz Sardegna SulcisQuestion 3
The very northern part of Sardinia is known as Sulcis. The area is known in particular for a red grape. Name it. The picture to your right shows Capo Pecora, which is part of the Sulcis area.

Question 4
Briefly explain why the Wine Advocate sued Antonio Galloni. If you want you can post your opinion about this matter as well.

Question 5
Sangiovese is often associated with Tuscany but there are many DOC wines outside of Tuscany. Name at least three DOC wines, which are produced (mostly) with Sangiovese grapes and which do not come from Tuscany.

Photo Credits: Sara Palmas with a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

Bragging rights are up for grabs! Answers are coming on Thursday. A complete list of previous editions of Vino in Love’s popular wine quiz can be found here.

Happy quizzing!

16 comments on “Wine Quiz #21”

  1. Sean P. Reply

    Let’s give this a go:
    Vina Ardanza + La Rioja Alra
    Plateo + Agriverde
    Les Greffieux + M Chapoitier
    Barca-Velha + Casa Ferreirinha

    2. USA
    3. Apperantly it’s Carignan/Carignano
    4. Because Galloni refuses to give WA his Sonoma winery reviews. Galloni left WA to set up his own website.
    5. Morellino di Scansano, Vino Nobile, Brunello di Montalcino


  2. wineking3 wineking3 Reply

    1) Vina Ardanza Reserva Especial – La Rioja Alta, Plateo – Agriverde, Les Greffieux Ermitage – M. Chapoutier, Barca-Velha – Casa Ferreirinha
    2) Germany
    3) Sulcis is known for wines from Carignano grapes.
    4) Galloni left WA after Parker sold it to an Asian investor group. Before leaving WA Galloni signed a contract with WA in which he promised to deliver Sonoma wine reviews. Since he did not give the WA his Sonoma notes, the WA decided to sue him.
    For me that’s another reason to dislike WA.
    5) This is a though one! Sangiovese di Romagna DOC (Emilia Romagna), Lago di Colbara DOC (Umbria), Colli di Faenza Sangiovese DOC (Emilia Romagna) and

  3. talkavino Reply

    Vina Ardanza Reserva Especial – La Rioja Alta
    Plateo – Agriverde
    Les Greffieux Ermitage – M. Chapoutier
    Barca-Velha – Casa Ferreirinha

    Q2: this question doesn’t have a good answer for variety of reasons…. Anyway, based on Viexpo information, in 2009, UK was the biggest importer by volume, and US was the biggest importer by value. Here is the source of my data:

    Q3: Carignano

    Q4: A tough question. WA is suing AG for breach of contract and not turning in the Sonoma tasting notes. Overall, they are trying to send a message to the other wine reviewers they have on staff or want to hire. I think this is a mess at the moment.

    Q5: Montefalco Sagrantino, Marche Rosso Piceno, Conero Rosso

  4. foodwine88 Reply

    Vina Ardanza Reserva Epsecial La Rioja Alta
    Plateo Agriverde
    Les Greffieux Ermitage M. Chapoutier
    Barca Velha Casa Ferreirinha
    2. The UK is the world largest wine importer followed by Germany.
    3. Carignan
    4. Galloni is being sued by WA because he left the WA without delivering his Sonoma tasting notes. Personally, I hope that Galloni will win the the case. I believe that the situation is bad for the whole industry.
    5. I’m not sure. Most wines outside of Tuscany only are only blended with little amounts of Sangiovese but I believe that Sangiovese di Romagna, Tarquinia Rosso Amiable and Montefalco Rosso are produced with at least 70% Sangiovese (Sangiovese di Romagna is 100% Sangiovese I believe). Question 5 is definitely the hardest..

  5. winetalks winetalks Reply

    1) Vina Ardanza Reserva Especial – La Rioja Alta, Plateo – Agriverde, Les Greffieux Ermitage – M. Chapoutier, Barca Velha – Casa Ferreirinha
    2) Only recently, the UK became the world’s largest wine importer. The last few years it was Germany but multiple sources like Decanter and the Telegraph say that this has changed and that the UK will continue to increase its wine imports.
    3) Sulcis is famous for the Carignano grape, hence the wine Carignano del Sulcis.
    4) WA is suing Antonio Galloni because he broke a contract with them. He was supposed to write a few articles for WA about Sonoma wines but he did not. Galloni wanted to leave WA because Parker sold it to some Asian people.
    5) Rosso Piceno DOC, Lago di Colbara DOC, Tarquina Rosso DOC

    Looking forward to the answers.

  6. Eatwithnamie Reply

    Vina Ardanza Reserva Especial – La Rioja Alta
    Les Greffieux Ermitage – M. Chapoutier
    Plateo – Agriverde.
    Barca-Velha – Casa Ferreirinha

    2. According to the recent radio podcast i listended to, the USA is the answer.
    3. Carignan
    4. İ have heard about it but can’t remember exactly. Sorry 🙂
    5. İ will check this in the solution for this.

    • vino in love Reply

      Thanks for visiting Vino in Love!
      If you want you can try to answer the questions, too 🙂
      Answers are coming on Thursday.

  7. Lisa Marshall Reply

    Oh my goodness! Im such an amateur at this but I’m going to give it the ole college try!

    Vina Ardanza Reserva Especial: La Rioja Alta
    M. Chapoutier: Sainsbury Cotes Du Rhone-Villages

    Plateo: Montepulciano D Abruzzo
    Casa Ferreirinha: Casa Ferreirinha

    Les Greffieux Ermitage: Liermitage Berverly Hills
    La Rioja Alta: Vina Ardanza

    Barca-Velha: Barca-Velha
    Agriverde: Agriverde

    Question 2: Britain

    Question 3: The ancient mining near the top of the pic

    Question 4: For withholding tasting notes! How could he!

    Questin 5: Proseco, Danante and vino Da Tavola!

    Oh wow! I need a glass now!

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