Wine Quiz #22

Wine Quiz #22

It is finally time for another installment of Vino in Love’s wine quiz. Like most previous editions, the quiz will consist of 5 questions. The winner gets ultimate bragging rights! So what are you waiting for you? You have nothing to lose!

Question 1
Name (at least) two things that the red grapes Carignano, Monica and Girò have in common.

Question 2
Briefly explain what Vermouth is. Where and when did it originate? Who are the leading producers?

Question 3
Match the following wineries with their corresponding region and their flagship wine

1. Turriga A. Sicily I. Ferrari
2. Perle Nero B. Abruzzo. II. Antinori
3. Tignanello C. Sardinia III. Donnafugata
4. Plateo D. Trentino-Alto Adige IV. Argiolas
5.Ben Rye E. Tuscany V. Agriverde

Rosé WineQuestion 4
True or false: Roter Veltliner and Grüner Veltliner are related.

Question 5
Unlike in North- and South America, blending white and red wine in order to produce rosé (pink wine) is prohibited in the European Union. Why do you think New World countries tend to produce rosé by blending white wine with small amounts of red wine? What is your opinion about this type of rosé? Obviously there is no right or wrong answer here. So don’t be afraid to answer.

That’s all for today. The answers are coming next Friday. I will leave you with a little bit of virtual summer wine and hope that you enjoy plenty of real wine over the weekend!

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16 comments on “Wine Quiz #22”

  1. hannah-theis hannah-theis Reply

    It’s good to see that the wine quizzes are back : -)

    Here are my google-free answers.

    1) These grapes are all from Sardinia. I don’t know another thing that they have in common..
    2) Vermouth is a spirt that originated in Turin, Italy in the 9th century. Martini & Rossi is one of the major producers of Vermouth.
    3) I have to guess:
    Turriga – Argiolas – Sicily, Perle Nero – Agriverde – Abruzzo, Tignanello – Antinori – Tuscany, Plateo – Donnafugata – Sardinia, Ben Rye – Ferrari – Trentino Alto Adige

    4) False
    5) I’ve had a few pink wines that were the result of a red and white wine blend. They had an unusual bouquet but besides that they didn’t taste great. I think the EU is taking the right approach by outlawing the production of these pink wines. After all, the Europeans taught the New World how to make wine so tradition should prevail.

  2. drinkforlife Reply

    Glad to see that you came up with more questions.

    1. All three grapes are believed to have originated in Spain and were brought by the Aragonese Empire to Sardinia where they are now almost exclusively grown.

    2. Vermouth is an alcoholic beverage that is produced with at least 70% wine. The rest is composed of herbs and alcohol. Vermouth was first produced in Turin by Martini in 1786.

    3. Turriga/Argiolas/Sardinia Perle Nero/Ferrari/Trentino-Alto Adige Tignanello/Antinori/Tuscany Plateo/Agriverde/Abruzzo/ Ben Rye/Donnafugata/Sicily

    4. False

    5. Never tried one of these rosé but I think that tradition is more important than mass-production and therefore I think it’s good that the EU banned the production of that type of rosé. I think the US should do the same.

  3. armchairsommelier Reply

    1. All three have two vowels in their name, i and o. Sorry, sometimes I can’t resist. ;o) They are also all from the Italian island of Sardinia.

    2. Vermouth is something my mother-in-law drinks. Vermouth is an Italian fortified wine, flavored with various herbs and spices. Leading producer? Martini??

    3. Turriga – Sardinia – Agriolas
    Perle Nero – Trentino-Alto Adige – Ferrari
    Tignanello – Tuscany – Antinori
    Plateo – Abruzzo – Agriverde
    Ben Rye – Sicily – Donnafugata

    4. False

    5. I tried a blended Rosé a couple of weeks ago at our Rosé tasting, and I have to say I wasn’t a fan. It was über-tart. Distractingly so. For my palate, I much prefer Rosé made using the skin contact or saignée methods. But it’s legal to blend for sparkling Rosé in the Champagne region of France, is it not? Salud!

  4. Suzanne Reply

    Glad you are back, missed the quizzes. I don’t know the answers but look forward to learning from these.

  5. Sean P. Reply

    Glaf to see that your wine quiz is back!

    Going Google-free today!

    1) Both grapes are native to Spain and are predoninantly grown on Sardinia.

    2) It’s fortified wine from Turin, Italy. Originated in the 18th century. First producer was Martini & Rossi

    3) Turriga – Argiolas – Sardinia
    Tignanello – Antinori – Tuscany
    Ben Rye – Donnafugata – Sicily
    Plateo – Agriverde – Abruzzo
    Perle Nero – Ferrari – Trentino

    4) True. They are both part of the Veltliner family

    5) It’s disgusting. Should be banned internationally!

  6. foodwine88 Reply

    1. Monica, Carginan and Girò are believed to be native grapes of Spain. Today, however, they are almost exclusively grown on Sardinia.
    2. Vermouth is a fortified wine produced with herbs and at least 70% wine. Martini & Rossi from Turin, Italy first produced Vermouth in 1786.
    Turriga Argiolas Sardinia
    Perle Nero Ferrari Trentino-Alto Adige
    Tignanello Antinori Tuscany
    Plateo Agriverde Abruzzo
    Ben Rye Donnafugata Sicily
    4. False.
    5. I don’t like the idea of blending white and red wine to produce rosé. But I never tried such a wine so I can’t tell whether they are good or not. But I’m for the traditional way of producing rosé with red grapes only.

  7. wineking3 wineking3 Reply

    Let’s give this a try! Missed your quizzes!

    1. They are originally from Spain but are today only grown on Sardinia.
    2. Vermouth is a wine-drink/fortified wine. It was first bottled by Martini in the 1786 in Turin.
    3. Turriga/Argiolas/Sardinia
    Perle Nenro/Ferrari/Trentino
    Ben Rye/Donnafugata/Sicily
    4. False
    5. Tried a few last summer and wasn’t very impressed. I prefer the “original” pink wine over the New World blended rosè. But I have to say, that these blended rosè are much, much more affordable.

  8. Wine and Wine Reply

    1. I only know that they are grown on Sardinia.
    2. Vermouth is a fortified wine with herbs from Piedmont. First producer? Martini maybe?
    3. Not sure..
    4. Definitely false.
    5. Not a fan of them. I prefer traditional rosé.

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