Wine Quiz #25

Friday is wine quiz time here at Vino in Love. But before we get to this week’s quiz I want to give you the solutions to last week’s edition.

Wine Quiz #24 – Solutions

Question 1
Amarone translates to: B – The Great Bitter.

Question 2
Vernaccia is typically planted in which regions? Tuscany & Sardinia. Furthermore a dark-skinned Vernaccia is planted in Le Marche (known as Vernaccia Nera) I am aware that the Vernaccia grape that is planted in Le Marche and in Sardinia differs from the one in Tuscany. Next time I try to pick a more straight-forward question.

Question 3
Pantelleria is especially known for its
A – Dessert Wines.

Question 4
True or False: Bardolino is a Denomination

Question 5
What is the name of the wine guide released by the Italian Sommelier Association?

This week we have multiple winners: Talk-A-Vino, Sean P. and Drinkforlife. Congratulations! Enjoy your bragging rights. Big shout out to Francis for playing the first time.

Wine Quiz #25

On to this week’s wine quiz.

Question 1
Nebbiolo translates to:
A) Rain
B) Dust
C) Snow
D) Fog

Question 2
Match the following wineries with their corresponding wine region.

1. Etna A. Trabucchi d’Illasi
2. Valpolicella B. Leone de Castris
3. Bolgheri C. Girolamo Russo
4. Salento D. Poggio Al Tesoro

Vernazza From AboveQuestion 3
True or False: Grappa is a type of fortified wine.

Question 4
In the wine world, what is the purpose of a vacuum pump?

Question 5
Name  at least 2 reasons why wine from the Cinque Terre is becoming increasingly expensive.

Remember you have nothing to lose! Answers are coming next Friday. Happy quizzing! Photo Credits: Alias Rex with a CC license.


14 comments on “Wine Quiz #25”

  1. hannah-theis hannah-theis Reply

    This week’s quiz looks tough.

    1. D
    2. Etna – Girolamo Russo, Valpolicella – Trabucchi d’Illasi, Bolgheri – Poggio al Tesoro, Salento – Leone de Castris
    3. True
    4. A vacuum pump makes wines last longer. Really useful!
    5. No idea! But looking forward to the answer!

  2. Sean P. Reply

    1. C
    2. 1-C, 2-A, 3-D,4-A
    3. False
    4. Wine tastes better with one if you plan to keep it open for some time.
    5. Higher Demand and expensive production costs.

  3. wineking3 wineking3 Reply

    Let’s give this a try:
    Q1 Fog
    Q2 Etna/Girolamo Valpolicella/Trabucchi Bolgheri/Poggio Salento/Leone
    Q3 False
    Q4 A vacuum pump makes a wine last longer
    Q5 1. The terrain is difficult to cultivate (everything has to be done by hand). Tourism increased the demand of wine from the Cinque Terre.

  4. foodwine88 Reply

    1) C – Snow
    2) Etna-Girolamo Russo Valpolicella-Trabucchi d’Illasi – Bolgheri-Poggio al Tesoro Salento-Leone de Castris
    3) False
    4) Not sure
    5) I don’t know but I’m curious about the answer.

    Fun quiz!

  5. talkavino Reply

    Q1: D, Fog
    Q2: 1C, 2A, 3D. 4B
    Q3: False, Grappa is distilled beverage
    Q4: Vacuum pump allows to preserve the open bottle of wine for a bit longer by removing oxygen from the bottle after it was opened.
    Q5: One reason is very difficult growing condition – all tending to the vines and harvesting are manual operations, very labor intense. At the same time, I saw many wines form that region on wine-searcher starting from about $15 (yes, I also saw some for $300) – so it is hard to tell how universal the pricing is…

  6. winetalks winetalks Reply

    Q1 D – Fog
    Q2 1C, 2A, 3D 4,B
    Q3 Grappe is not a fortified wine. Therefore it’s false.
    Q4 It preserves an uncorked wine.
    Q5 One reason for the increasing prices is the terrain of the Cinque Terre on which it is difficult to plant vines. Furthermore, the more well-known labels can’t keep up with an increasing demand of wine from that region. Tourism could be the reason for that.

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