Wine Quiz #28

It is time for our weekly wine quiz here at Vino in Love but before we get this this week’s quiz we should start with the answers for last week’s edition.

Wine Quiz #27 – Solutions

Question 1
Which one doesn’t fit?
A) Cosentino
B) Donnafugata
C) Cosumano
D) Malaspina

A – Cosentino. Cosentino is a winery from California. The other three are from Italy.

Question 2
The Schlegel-bottle is traditionally associated with what major wine producing country? Germany is the answer I was looking for but France (Alsace) and Austria are acceptable, too.

Question 3
True or false: Pinot Noir and Spätburgunder are two names for the same grape. True

Question 4
Cabernet Gernischt is said to be a crossing of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. In what country is the grape predominantly grown. China.

Question 5 Amarone is one of the world’s most prestigious wines. Briefly explain where the name Amarone, which literally translates to “The Great Bitter”, comes from?

AppassimentoAmarone is a relatively young wine that was invented in the middle of the 20th century by Valpolicella wineries that were producing Recioto. Recioto is a sweet wine from Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Mollinara and Oseleta grapes that undergo a very long period of appassimento (from September to January). The wineries back then were looking for a wine that was less sweet. Just like Recioto, Amarone is produced from the same set of grapes but the appassimento process is a few months shorter. The grapes therefore don’t lose as much of their weight and are less sweet. Amarone is by no means bitter but it’s bitter in perspective to the very sweet Recioto. I actually learned this only recently after attending a wine tasting evening with my favorite Amarone producer, Trabucchi d’Illasi in Munich. The picture to your left shows grapes that underwent a long time of appassimento. Long story short: The name Amarone was invented by Valpolicella wineries to distinguish Amarone from the sweeter Recioto.

I am pleased to announce that we have two winners! Anatoli from Talk-A-Vino and Wineking. Congratulations! Enjoy your bragging rights. A big shout out to Linda from Foxress and to Joe from Taste Like A Dream for playing for the first time.

Wine Quiz #28

On to this week’s quiz.

Question 1
Briefly explain what type of wine a Novello is.

Question 2
italy map quizUp for some geography? Match the following reputable wineries to their corresponding region on the map.
Tenuta dell’Ornellaia
Les Crêtes
Trabucchi d’Illasi
Azienda Agricola Valentini

Question 3
Petite Arvine is an old white grape that is predominantly grown in Wallis, Switzerland and which other region?
A – Alsace, France,
B – Castile and León, Spain
C – Saxony, Germany
D – Aosta Valley, Italy

Question 4
True or false: Nero d’Avola is of Greek origin but is now the most important red grape for Sicilian wines.

Question 5
When it comes to oak many traditional Italian wineries, especially from Piedmont, are skeptical towards French and American oak. Which type of oak do they prefer? What are the benefits of that type of oak?

Bragging rights are up for grabs! Remember you have nothing to lose. The answers are coming next Friday.

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12 comments on “Wine Quiz #28”

  1. wineking3 wineking3 Reply

    5 out 5 that’s how I like it!

    Q1: Novello is the name for the first wines of every new vintage.
    Q2: I admit I had to use some help of Google here.. I suck at geography Orrnelleia is from Tuscany (E), iGreco from Calabria (B), Les Cretes from Aosta Valley (A), Trabucchi from Veneto (D), Valentino from Abruzzo (C)
    Q3: No idea. There is pretty much no information available on that grape. I’m going with D Aosta Valley – just because you like Italian wine 😉
    Q4: False. Nero d’Avola is a grape that was first planted in Avola, Sicily
    Q5: I think you are talking about Slavonian oak which was used before the Cold War broke out. The benefits of the large Slavonian oak barrels could be softer tannins. I hope that’s right 🙂

  2. hannah-theis hannah-theis Reply

    I usually try to solve your quizzes but this time I’m almost clueless. Looking forward to the answers though..
    But I think I know question 1. Novello is a young wine like Beaujolais nouveau. And I think question 4 is True..

  3. Andy Andy Reply

    1. The term describes a young red wine from Italy.
    2. I don’t know much about Italian geography… But I think Tenuta dell’Orrnellaia is located in Tuscany and that should be E.
    3. A – Alsace
    4. False
    5. Italy has a long tradition of using Slavonian oak. The large Slavonian oak casks produce smooth tannins and intense flavors.

  4. foodwine88 Reply

    Alright here are my answers
    1) That’s the first red wine of a new vintage. Usually it’s put on the market in November
    2) Orrnelleia – E iGreco – C, Les Cretes – A, Trabucchi – D, Valettini – B
    3) D
    4) True
    5) Russian oak from Adygey.

  5. Joe Reply

    1) Literally translates as young wine. A very light red.
    2) I’m no good at these ones!
    3) Guessing Alsace (it’s not too far away)
    4) True (Definitely Sicilian, not sure about origin though)
    5) French and American oak are relatively soft, allowing more contact with the wine to give it more of an oaky flavour. Using a harder oak like English or East European don’t affect the flavour as much.

  6. Sean P. Reply

    Q1 Novello translates to “new one”. Novello is a young red wine.
    Q2 I’m guessing: Orrnellaia-B, iGreco-E, Les Cretes-A, Tranucchi-D, Valentino-C
    Q3 Aosta Valley
    Q4 False. Nero D’Avola is not of Greek origin.
    Q5 Slavonian oak is the most-used oak in Piedmont followed by French and Russian oak.

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