Wine Quiz #29 – Answers

Wine Quiz #29 – Answers

Question 1
True or false: Welschriesling and Rheinriesling are two names for the same grape. False.
Question 2
What do the wineries Harlan Estate, Opus One Winery and Screaming Eagle Winery & Vineyards have in common? They are all from Napa Valley (Oakville to be precise).
Question 3
What was Napoleon Bonaparte’s favorite wine during his exile? Aleatico.
Question 4
Central Valley is an appellation from: B – Chile
Question 5
Briefly explain the characteristics of Chablis AOC. Chablis is a white wine from Burgundy, France that is produced exclusively with Chardonnay grapes. Usually it’s dry and crisp.

I’m not sure if the quiz was too difficult or too boring but participation was quite low this week. With wineking3 we have one winner for this week’s quiz. Congratulations! Enjoy your bragging rights. I also want to thank Andy, Joe and Hannah for trying! The quiz will now pause for a few weeks.

That’s all for now!

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