Wine Quiz #3 Solutions

Here are the answers for wine quiz #3.

Question 1)
Which of the following grapes is not used to produce Amarone?
Correct answer: B. Corvarina is a made-up term. All other three grapes (Rondinella, Oseleta and Corvinone) can be found in Amarone.

Question 2)
What wine is according to Luca Maroni’s new 2013 wine guide “Annuario dei migliori vini the best Italian red wine?
Correct answer: 2006 Trabucchi d’Illasi – Recioto della Valpolicella

Question 3)
In what year was the Chianti Classico awarded its DOCG status?
Correct answer: 1984. If your answer was 1967 then this is wrong because that is the year when Chianti Classico became a DOC. Before becoming a DOCG a wine has to be classified as DOC.

Question 4)
What exactly is a Ripasso della Valpolicella and how does it differ from a regular Valpolicella?
Correct answer: It’s not that easy to put this in a short answer but basically a Ripasso della Valpolicella is a Valpolicella wine made from grapes and from the leftovers of the fermentation process this is why the Ripasso often tastes similar to an Amarone, yet it’s not as heavy as it.

Questions 5)
How many DOCG wines are made from Nebbiolo?
Correct answer: A. There are six DOCG wines made from Nebbiolo: Barbaresco DOCG, Barolo DOCG, Gattinara DOCG, Ghemme DOCG, Roero DOCG and Valtellina Superiore DOCG. Five of these wines are from Piedmont but the Valtellina Superiore comes from Lombardy!
If somebody would have answered B  (two wines). Then I would have given half a point for that. That’s because Barolo and Barbaresco are the only two DOCG wines which have to be produced with 100% Nebbiolo grapes. The other four wines have not so strict regulations and allow the addition of other grapes. Ghemme for example can be produced with up to 25% Vespolina grapes and 75%-100% Nebbiolo grapes.

No winners this time. I hope you still enjoyed the quiz! I might make the next one a bit easier if you want me to.
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  1. wineking3 wineking3 Reply

    If I were you I wouldn’t make them much easier. Maybe just a little. You tricked me with that made up grape name..
    Thanks for the solution 🙂

  2. theducksong Reply

    don’t make them easier just because nobody got it right this time. if it’s too easy then it’s no fun to play.. that’s my opinion at least

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