Wine Quiz #3

Wine Quiz #3

This week’s quiz doesn’t have a specific focus like the previous quizzes had. If you want to try the old quizzes you can find them here together with their solutions.

The quiz should be fairly easy to solve. At least I think so. To prevent too much guessing some questions are not multiple choice.

Question 1)
Which of the following grapes is not used to produce Amarone?

A) Rondinella
B) Corvarina
C) Oseleta
D) Corvinone

Question 2)
What wine is according to Luca Maroni’s new 2013 wine guide “Annuario dei migliori vini the best Italian red wine?

Question 3)
In what year was the Chianti Classico awarded its DOCG status?

Question 4)
What exactly is a Ripasso della Valpolicella and how does it differ from a regular Valpolicella?

Question 5)
How many DOCG wines are made from Nebbiolo?
A) 6
B) 2
C) 4
D) 7

Bottle image: 2008 Cantina Due Palme – Selvarossa Riserva – Salice del Salento DOC

If possible then try to keep it short for the “open response” questions. Good luck to everyone playing!

7 comments on “Wine Quiz #3”

  1. drinkforlife Reply

    Q1: B
    Q2: Trabucchi d’Illasi’s Recioto della Valpoliclla 2005 Terre Ceresuolo
    Q3: 1984
    Q4: Basically a Valpolicella wine that is made like Amarone. Ripasso has the taste of Amarone but is ligher (just like a regular Valpolicella)
    Q5: A

    • theducksong Reply

      So let’s see:
      1) B – according to google there is no grape named Corvarina
      2) Trabucchi – Recioto 2006
      3) 1967
      4) Cheaper Amarone?
      5) This is tricky: I found different sources but I go with C and say 4

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