Wine Quiz #6 – Solutions

It seems like each week more and more people participate in the weekly wine quiz! I hope you liked the quiz. Below you find the answers for wine quiz #6.

Question 1
What type of wine is Bardolino Superiore DOCG?
Correct answer: A) Red Wine

Question 2
What’s the old name of the Italian sommelier’s wine guide “Bibenda”?
Correct answer: C) Duemilavini
Bibenda came out for the first time this year with the 2013 edition. Duemilavini came out for the last time with the 2012 edition.

Question 3
Name two DOC/DOCG classified wines that have their name derived from two different volcanoes
Possible answers include: Etna DOC, Vesuvio DOC, Rosso delle Vulture DOC.
If you answers Etna Rosso DOC and Etna Bianco DOC then your answer is incomplete since I was looking for wines from two different volcanoes.

Question 4
Which of the following lakes does not have a wine named after it?
A) Lago di Garda
B) Lago di Como
C) Lago di Corbara
Correct answer: B) Lago di Como
Garda DOC and Lago di Corbara DOC do both exist but Lago di Como DOC doesn’t..

Question 5
Briefly explain what Vin Santo is. Where in Italy is it from?
Possible answer: Vin Santo is a sweet wine that originated in Tuscany and is nowadays also produced in parts of Umbria. Usually it’s produced with white grapes (often Trebbiano). Around the city of Siena Vin Santo gets also produced with Sangiovese grapes. This version is known as Vin Santo Montepulciano Occhio di Pernice.

RiojaChianti, theducksong and Talk A Vino solved all five questions correctly! Congratulation! Thanks to everyone else for participating. Many of you got 4/5 questions right. Next week there will be a new quiz here at Vino in Love so make sure to come back for it. Want to try the previous quizzes? You find them here.


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