Wine Quiz #6 19

New week, new quiz

Welcome back to this week’s wine quiz. If you have missed any of the previous ones and/or their solutions then you find them here. Good luck to everyone!

Question 1
What type of wine is Bardolino Superiore DOCG?
A) Red wine
B) White wine
C) Pink wine (rosato)

Question 2
What’s the old name of the Italian sommelier’s wine guide “Bibenda”?
A) Gambero Rosso
B) Guida Veronelli
C) Duemilavini
D) Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani

Question 3
Name two DOC/DOCG classified wines that have their name derived from two different volcanoes.

Question 4
Which of the following lakes does not have a wine named after it?
A) Lago di Garda
B) Lago di Como
C) Lago di Corbara
D) All of the above lakes have a wine named after them

Question 5
Briefly explain what Vin Santo is. Where in Italy is it from?

Bottle image: Mehofer Roter Veltliner Sekt.

Enjoy the quiz and happy playing : ) Answers will come on Friday.



About Julian Rossello

Julian Rossello was born and raised in Munich, Germany. Throughout his life, he had the chance to live in Italy and the United States. He traveled through most of Europe and wine has always been one of his passions. He believes that there is always more to discover. When it comes to wine, Julian favors Italian red wines but he will try pretty much any thing (at least once). Sharing his experience and to connect with fellow wine lovers was one of his motivations to start Vino in Love. Connect with Julian on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter

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19 thoughts on “Wine Quiz #6

  • wineking3

    I really hope I get this quiz right :)
    1. A: Bardolino is a red wine
    2. B: Gambero Rosso
    3. Etna Bianco DOC is named after the volcano Etna. Etna Rosso DOC is also named after the volcano Etna.
    4. B: Lago di Como
    5. Vino Santo is a wine from Tuscany. Is this too short?

    • vino in love Post author

      Haha :P I just wrote you a tutorial on how to register with wordpress!
      but I’m glad you were able to do it :D
      You can also pick The Drunken Cyclist now as username. If you don’t find the option I’ll do it for you

  • dr1nkforl1fe

    Thanks for the quiz once again! :)
    1) A
    2) D
    3) One could be Etna DOC but I don’t know a second one named after a different volcano..
    4) B
    5) Vin Santo is a dessert wine from Tuscany and Umbria. Often made from white grapes but can also be produced with red Sangiovese grapes. The grapes often get sun-dried. Vin Santo can be very sweet but also very dry. Sometimes it’s similar to Sherry.

  • talkavino

    Q1 – A
    Q2 – looks like this is your famous tricky question – I see that Bibenda and Duemilavini are both related to the Italian Sollemliers organization, so the answer is “none”
    Q3: Etna DOC and Aglianico del Vulture DOC
    Q4: B, Lago di Como
    Q5: Dessert wine out of Tuscany, made from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes

  • theducksong

    Q1) A Red wine
    Q2) C Duemilavini is the old name of the Bibenda wine guide.
    Q3) Rosso delle Vulture DOC and Vesuvio DOC
    Q4) B Lago del Como
    Q5) Vin Santo is a sweet dessert wine from Tuscany and from parts of Umbria. It’s usually produced with sun-dried white wine grapes.

  • Sean P.

    First time for me!
    Q1 A It’a red wine from lake Garda.
    Q2 C Concludibg grom the coments..
    Q3 Etns Bianco DOC Etns Rosso DOC
    Q4 D
    Q5 Sweet wine made with Sangiovese grapes or white grapes from Tuscany and Umbria