Wine Quiz #6 19

New week, new quiz

Welcome back to this week’s wine quiz. If you have missed any of the previous ones and/or their solutions then you find them here. Good luck to everyone!

Question 1
What type of wine is Bardolino Superiore DOCG?
A) Red wine
B) White wine
C) Pink wine (rosato)

Question 2
What’s the old name of the Italian sommelier’s wine guide “Bibenda”?
A) Gambero Rosso
B) Guida Veronelli
C) Duemilavini
D) Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani

Question 3
Name two DOC/DOCG classified wines that have their name derived from two different volcanoes.

Question 4
Which of the following lakes does not have a wine named after it?
A) Lago di Garda
B) Lago di Como
C) Lago di Corbara
D) All of the above lakes have a wine named after them

Question 5
Briefly explain what Vin Santo is. Where in Italy is it from?

Bottle image: Mehofer Roter Veltliner Sekt.

Enjoy the quiz and happy playing : ) Answers will come on Friday.



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19 thoughts on “Wine Quiz #6

  • wineking3

    I really hope I get this quiz right :)
    1. A: Bardolino is a red wine
    2. B: Gambero Rosso
    3. Etna Bianco DOC is named after the volcano Etna. Etna Rosso DOC is also named after the volcano Etna.
    4. B: Lago di Como
    5. Vino Santo is a wine from Tuscany. Is this too short?

    • vino in love Post author

      Haha :P I just wrote you a tutorial on how to register with wordpress!
      but I’m glad you were able to do it :D
      You can also pick The Drunken Cyclist now as username. If you don’t find the option I’ll do it for you

  • dr1nkforl1fe

    Thanks for the quiz once again! :)
    1) A
    2) D
    3) One could be Etna DOC but I don’t know a second one named after a different volcano..
    4) B
    5) Vin Santo is a dessert wine from Tuscany and Umbria. Often made from white grapes but can also be produced with red Sangiovese grapes. The grapes often get sun-dried. Vin Santo can be very sweet but also very dry. Sometimes it’s similar to Sherry.

  • talkavino

    Q1 – A
    Q2 – looks like this is your famous tricky question – I see that Bibenda and Duemilavini are both related to the Italian Sollemliers organization, so the answer is “none”
    Q3: Etna DOC and Aglianico del Vulture DOC
    Q4: B, Lago di Como
    Q5: Dessert wine out of Tuscany, made from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes

  • theducksong

    Q1) A Red wine
    Q2) C Duemilavini is the old name of the Bibenda wine guide.
    Q3) Rosso delle Vulture DOC and Vesuvio DOC
    Q4) B Lago del Como
    Q5) Vin Santo is a sweet dessert wine from Tuscany and from parts of Umbria. It’s usually produced with sun-dried white wine grapes.

  • Sean P.

    First time for me!
    Q1 A It’a red wine from lake Garda.
    Q2 C Concludibg grom the coments..
    Q3 Etns Bianco DOC Etns Rosso DOC
    Q4 D
    Q5 Sweet wine made with Sangiovese grapes or white grapes from Tuscany and Umbria