Wine Quiz #9 – Solutions

It’s Friday again! So it’s time for the answers of this week’s wine quiz #9.

Question 1)
The Italian grape Greco which is for example found in Greco di Tufo DOCG is named after what?
A) A city
B) A river
C) A country
D) A Roman God.
Correct answer: C – The Greco grape is named after the country Greece which in Italian is called Grecia. Greco literally translates to “The Greek”

Question 2)
Which of these grapes is often found in Tuscan IGTs?
A) Malbec
B) Syrah
C) Tempranillo
D) Mazuelo
Correct answer: B – In many Tuscan IGT blends Syrah plays a major part. Vintners like to use it in IGTs because it’s not allowed in pretty much any DOC/DOCGs wines.

Question 3)
Where does the name “Gambero Rosso” come from?
Correct answer: The most well-known Italian wine guide Gambero Rosso has it’s name from the famous Italian cartoon Pinocchio. In Pinocchio the Fox and the Cat dine at a restaurant called Gambero Rosso. Since the Gambero Rosso started as a restaurant guide and not as a wine guide the editors decided that the name fits the guide.

Question 4)
Verdicchio is one of Italy’s most famous white grapes. From what region is it?
A) Calabria
B) Umbria
C) Abruzzo
D) Marche
Correct answer: D – Verdicchio is one of Marche’s most grown grapes. Verdicchio di Matellica DOC is famous throughout the world.

Question 5)
Right now it’s mulled wine time so let me ask you what is the Italian term for mulled wine? How is it made?
Correct answer: The Italian term for Glühwein is vin brulé which literally translates to burnt wine. In northern Italy vin brulé is usually produced with white wine and a variety of spices (cinnamon, orange juice, lime, and some other).

This week we have two winners! Congratulations to wineking3 and drinkforlife! RiojaChianti came close and solved 4 out of 5 right. Thanks to everyone for playing! Next Tuesday there will be a new chance of winning  bragging rights!


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