Wine Quiz #9

Wine Quiz #9

Ready for this week’s wine quiz? Five questions are waiting for you to get solved. Happy playing!

Question 1)
The Italian grape Greco which is for example found in Greco di Tufo DOCG is named after what?
A) A city
B) A river
C) A country
D) A Roman God.

Question 2)
Which of these grapes is often found in Tuscan IGTs?
A) Malbec
B) Syrah
C) Tempranillo
D) Mazuelo

Question 3)
Where does the name “Gambero Rosso” come from?

Feuerzangenbowle - GlühweinQuestion 4)
Verdicchio is one of Italy’s most famous white grapes. From what region is it?
A) Calabria
B) Umbria
C) Abruzzo
D) Marche

Question 5)
Right now it’s mulled wine time so let me ask you what is the Italian term for mulled wine? How is it made?

If you want to find out how German mulled wine (Glühwein) is made then I have a few recipes for you here.

The answers for this week’s wine quiz are coming this Friday so stay tuned to find out if you got the quiz right!


12 comments on “Wine Quiz #9”

  1. RiojaChianti RiojaChianti Reply

    Question 1: C – A country
    Question 2: Malbec
    Question 3: From a book
    Question 4: D – Marche
    Question 5: italian mulled wine is known as “burnt wine”. It’s a spiced wine

  2. wineking3 wineking3 Reply

    thanks for putting in the effort of creating a new quiz each week:) about time that I win won again..
    maybe today
    1) Named after the country Greece (Greco translates to Greek)
    2) syrah
    3) the name derives from the Italian cartoon pinocchio. in the cartoon the fox and the cat eat dinner at a restaurant called gambero rosso.
    4) verdicchio is often grown in the region le marche.
    5) mulled wine is in italy known as vin brulé. often drank in northern regions. in piedmont usually cooked with white wine and a variety of spices.

  3. dr1nkforl1fe Reply

    Question 1 A
    Question 2 Syrah
    Question 3 From a restaurant in the Italian kid’s book Pinocchio
    Question 4 Marche
    Question 5 Don’t really know but I red that it’s called vin brulè which means burnt wine.

  4. theducksong Reply

    1) Greco is named after the country Greece
    2) Malbec
    3) From a restaurant in the book Pinocchio
    4) Verdicchio is very often in Le Marche
    5) Burnt wine is the Italian term for mulled wine.

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