Wine Review: 2012 Bodegas Mauro – Mauro – VT Castilla y Leon

At the end of last month, I attended a wine tasting with fellow Munich-based wine people. We met at a restaurant downtown and everybody brought one or two bottles of wine to taste during our dinner. We worked out a deal with the restaurant in order to decrease the otherwise very expensive corkage per bottle.

While many of the wines were outstanding, a red wine from Spain’s Castilla y Leon region impressed and surprised me in particular.

Bodegas Mauro

Bodegas Mauro was founded in 1978 by Mariano Garcia who is better known for his work as cellermaster at Vega Sicilia. In 1998 Garcia left Vega Sicilia and concentrated his work on Bodegas Mauro. The winery is located just outside of the Ribera del Duero D.O. appellation. Garcia is a known opponent of the Ribera D.O. appellation because he believes that it is too restrictive. Therefore the appellation for all his wines is Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y Leon. Garcia is also the co-owner of Bodegas Aalto which he founded in 1999. On 55ha Bodegas Mauro mostly grows Tempranillo and Syrah.

Three red wines are produced at Bodegas Mauro and only Terreus, “Mauro VS” and Terreus are traditional varietal Tempranillo whereas “Mauro” is a blend of Tempranillo and Syrah.

Tasting Notes

2012 Bodegas Mauro - Mauro - VT Castilla y LeonI was told that the 2012 Bodegas Mauro “Mauro” that we tasted is not in commerce yet. It was only bottled in June and we tasted the wine June 25th. The person who brought the wine to the tasting visited Bodegas Mauro and brought the bottle back to Munich. The blend is composed of 90% Tempranillo and 10% Syrah. “Mauro” aged for 16 months in French and American oak barrels of different ages.

The wine was uncorked roughly one hour and a half before the tasting.

In the glass “Mauro” had a purple color.

On the nose, there was a heavy aroma of black currant, some coconut, a bit of black cherries, vanilla and hints of black pepper. The use of both American and French oak gives the bouquet a nice touch.  Loved it!

In the mouth, the wine was dry with a silky structure and a nice minerality. Good acidity that will keep this wine alive for many, many years. “Mauro” had a medium-body and a persistently long finish.

4 / 5 stars      

According to Wine Searcher, the 2011vintage has an average price of €24. No price information was able for the 2012 vintage but I assume that the price will be similar.

I plan to buy a few bottles of 2012 Bodegas Mauro “Mauro” once it’s available in Germany and store them for at least another three to four years.

Have you tried any of the wines of Bodegas Mauro before? If so, how did you like them? Let me know in the comment section below. Cheers!



14 comments on “Wine Review: 2012 Bodegas Mauro – Mauro – VT Castilla y Leon”

  1. Sean P. Reply

    Tempranillo with Syrah sounds like an interesting blend.
    I like your idea of meeting with fellow wine bloggers at a restaurant with your own wine. I bet it’s a great way of discovering new wines. How many different wines did you guys drink that evening?

  2. foodwine88 Reply

    I tried the 2009 vintage of the Bodegas Mauro Mauro in February at a Spanish wine seminar. An absolutely magnificent wine.

  3. hannah-theis hannah-theis Reply

    I’d love to try this wine, it sounds very pleasant. The Ribera del Duero has always been one of my favorite Spanish wine regions. Great review, Julian.

  4. Suzanne Reply

    Never tried this wine, It is a really unique blend and Garcia sounds like a rebel, I like that. I have trouble finding a lot of these wines but keep a running list. Great review Julian,

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      I’m very sorry to hear that don’t have an easy time finding most the wines I review.. The American wine market probably demands different wines.

  5. winetalks winetalks Reply

    I had a bottle of 2008 Bodegas Mauro Mauro a few months ago but unfortunately the bottle wasn’t good anymore – the wine corked. Oh well..

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