Wine Review: 2012 Planeta – Chardonnay – Sicilia DOC

Last week I spent some days at the beautiful Lago di Como (Lake Como) on the Italian-Swiss border where I tried some fantastic wines. There is no wine making tradition at Lake Como so most wines were from different regions of Italy. One of the whites that convinced me most was the new 2012 Chardonnay from the Sicilian winery Planeta.

2012 Planeta - Chardonnay - Sicilia DOCPlaneta began producing the Chardonnay in 1994, the year the winery was founded, and while in the 1990s this grape variety was not immediately associated with Sicily the wine soon became one of Planeta’s stars. The grapes are planted in the vineyards Maroccoli and Ulmo. Maroccoli has a slightly calcareous soil whereas Ulmo is a mix of limestone and clay.  After a 15-day fermentation in oak, the wine aged for a little less than year in barrique barrels out of which half were new and half one year old. Planeta’s Chardonnay denomination is Sicilia DOC.

Vibrant golden-amber color in the glass.

Intense and very complex nose with a heavy aroma of acacia honey and white bread, a bit of grapefruit, peach, and a little bit of melon. The wine opened with petrol note – that given the wine’s age – I did not expect.

In the mouth, creamy, dry and slightly mineralic. Full-bodied and quite round with a vibrant fruit texture. Good acidity. Lingering aftertaste.

4.5 / 5 stars      

The wine was paired with an asparagus risotto, which worked very well.

Parting Words

The 2012 vintage of Planeta Chardonnay is excellent and one I like it better than the previous vintage. I’m looking forward to try this vintage again and am curious how it will evolve. This Chardonnay does not need to hide and reminds me of the whites from Burgundy. The wines of Planeta are available in many countries so there is a good chance that a wine store near you will carry this wine. Some stores might still be selling an older vintage – especially those overseas.

Today’s post was a bit short but since I already wrote numerous times about Planeta I decided to skip the introduction and get right to the tasting notes. I leave you with a little teaser: My upcoming post will take you to the heart of Tuscany: Montalcino!

Have a wonderful weekend and drink some tasty wine! Cheers!



8 comments on “Wine Review: 2012 Planeta – Chardonnay – Sicilia DOC”

  1. winetalks winetalks Reply

    Impressive rating! Sadly, I could not find a store that sells the wine..
    I’m a big fan of those buttery California Chards and from reading your tasting notes I get the impression that the Planeta Chardonnay might be similar to them.

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Thanks for stopping by! I don’t have much experience with Californian Chardonnay so I can’t compare them with the Planeta Chardonnay. Sorry!

  2. Suzanne Reply

    Sounds great Julian and as always a great review. Lake Como, well thats one of my favorite places. Looking forward to the next post on Tuscany.

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      Thank you!
      Lake Como is so beautiful and I’m always looking forward to spend more time there.
      The post about Tuscany is coming later this week.

  3. Sean P. Reply

    I tried the 2010 Planeta Chardonnay at a wine tasting a couple of months ago – very impressive for an Italian Chardonnay!

    • Julian Rossello Reply

      In my opinion, Chardonnay grows well in some areas of Italy. In Trento and Franciacorta Chardonnay is used to produce outstanding sparkling wine. Recently, I also tried an impressive spumante Blanc de Blanc (100% Chardonnay) from Piedmont. In Tuscany there are wineries, for example Felsina, that earned themselves a good reputation with their Chardonnay and then we should not forget the Planeta Chardonnay.

      Glad to hear that you liked the Planeta Chardonnay, too 🙂

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