2007 Cantine Francesco Minini SPA – Poggio delle Faine – IGT Toscana

A Tuscan Surprise

Poggio delle Faine is a Tuscan red wine produced with a variety of local and international grapes – the exact blend is unknown. The only reason why I bought this wine for 9.90€ was the bottle label which I found appealing. I’ve never heard of Cantine Francesco Mini SPA before. But if a winery is a SPA then I’m usually cautious. SPA (Società per azioni) refers to joint-stock companies. After I bought the wine I goggled the winery and found out that the company has their headquarter just outside of Brescia, Lombardy I was even more sceptically about the wine. Questions like “Can a Tuscan wine bottled in Lombardy by a large joint-stock company be any good?? After some more googling I found out that the winery produces wine all over Italy – from Veneto to Sicily. It was mind-blowing to see that a single winery produces wine in so many areas. In my opinion wine should be a high-quality product which is produced by a vintner who has a few vineyards in the area they produce wine. Wine should not be a produced like Coca-Cola by huge corporations. Anyways since I bought the wine I decided to open it.  I was extremely pessimistic about the wine.

Poggio delle Faine – tasting notes

Poggio delle Faine imageOk so I already told you that the wine has an unknown cuvée. Probably Sangiovese, Syrah, Merlot, Canaiolo and some other grapes. That’s just a guess though but most of that can be found in Tuscan IGTs on a regular basis. It’s also unknown if the wine aged in oak or not. It probably did since it’s a 2007 vintage.

I did not bother decanting it. Alcohol by volume was label listed at 13.5%.

In the glass Poggio delle Faine had a dark ruby red color. The wine’s bouquet was fruity. Many red fruits, spices, vanilla. Very intense aromas on the nose. I was quite surprised. On the palate the wine was dry. The body was somewhere between small and medium. There were a few pleasing tannins. Nothing too dominate. I didn’t taste a whole lot. Some fruits maybe. Poggio delle Faine had a medium finish. The palate was nothing special. It tasted a bit like Bardolino wines and Bardolino is not really known for an interesting palate.


For 9.99€ this is an ok wine. I won’t recommend it though since I don’t think we should purchase wine from such large winery’s. They ruin smaller local wineries and their products are usually inferior to the ones of local wineries. I shouldn’t have purchased the wine myself. If it would have been an outstanding experience I would have said try the wine but it really was not. It was better than I expected but still buy something else. By local wineries I don’t mean a winery in your suburb but I mean wineries that stick to an area  – for example the Chianti or the Montalcino area or Burgundy. If you want to buy a good Tuscan IGT then I can recommend both Levante and Granfalco from Tenute Loacker. I’ve tried the 2007 vintage of the Levante recently and a review for that wine will come in the next days. The link brings you to the 2004 vintage. The best thing about Poggio delle Faine from Cantine Francesco Mini SPA is the bottle label.


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